A note to parents regarding andrewesley's strength

Marathon Records has been very pleased to offer the finest in progressive rock and roll music since 1993. We have also been proud to provide wholesome and family-friendly content.

We believe that the andrewesley album strength continues this emphasis. Andrew's songwriting content is encouraging, good-natured, spiritually positive, and uplifting overall. As an observational songwriter, Andrew reports on the states of personal and cultural politics, occasionally finding items worthy of criticism. In his effort to present the undiluted truth as he finds it, Andrew has used language to which some parents may object to having their children exposed.

From an album of twelve songs, the songs "Never Again," "History," and "A Reply" contain one four-letter word apiece. Each of these three are relatively mild, and may not even warrant a PG rating today. None of them are the "f-bomb."

The references are innocuous by the standards of contemporary radio, but Marathon realizes that some parents may wish to hold their children's entertainment to different standards. The lyrics for these three songs are reprinted below for your inspection, so that you may read the language in context. Marathon Records values and thanks you for your trust, and for your business.

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"A Reply"

wakin' up
i'm wakin' up to the sound
you're standing on the edge
lookin' down at me

all i see is not enough
all i believe is just not enough for me

takin' it up
picking it up where i left off
i'll finish it even if
it takes me all damn night

'cause all i read is not enough
and all i believe is just not enough for me
it's just not enough for me

when all i need to feel is you

packing it up
sending it off ahead of me
lord knows
this road is neverending

all i see is not enough
and all i believe is just not enough for me

all i need to feel is you

all this talkin' on the tv
so much rhetoric and i just don't see
how some analyst can call this meditation

just ask the ceo at cnn
he'll say some things are better left unsaid
and the real war is deep inside your head

down in history

with all the d.u. that's released
when those silver bullets feast
i'm amazed we still police the wild middle east

and while peace is great, war is swell
what the hell is white death?
yeah, i think i saw that band on mtv

singin' down in history

statistics in some magazine
we're not sure how to keep it clean
our oceans are so sick and i don't see

how a man can throw his cigarette
right into a tuna net
and tell me that somethin' smells fishy

he's going down in history

then you say hey, talk is great
but what about the price once paid
to keep this soil immune from all disease

our roots run deeper than the earth
they've grown beyond the universe
and there's nothin' that can keep your life from changin'

down in history
"Never Again"

at the bottom of the ocean
lying on the floor
a bottle of empty promises
passed down and passed up

when i think of you
there goes my mind again
when you think of me too
or does that ever happen?

reachin' out again

it was nothing like i thought
you were so out of your league
what were those lies that you told
was it some shit that you bought
in a back alley

and when it's all said and done
after yours turns into mine too
and when there's nothing left for you to hold
don't come cryin' back to me

reachin' out again

never again
a life you'll never ever know
living alone
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