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Garageband to hear mp3s of "Holiday on Ice" and "Justice" from Grace and Dire Circumstances.

"Holiday on Ice" is available for free download.

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Farewell to Juliet CDs are available from Marathon Records.

[grace-2in.jpg] Grace and Dire Circumstances

[echoes.gif] Echoes of Laughter

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Some of these outlets may still have a stray FTJ disc in 2006:

Do They Play Live?

Well, we sure did, back in the day! Farewell to Juliet's members currently live in three different states, but remain united by their love for each other. All of use but Brant have reunited multiple times for Jeff Elbel + Ping shows at the Cornerstone Festival. I'm sure we'd have gotten Brant to join if he weren't simply so far away.

If any old FTJ fan is an oil baron now, feel free to sponsor a reunion tour. We still have copies of Grace and Dire Circumstances and Echoes of Laughter to sell!

Check our News page for information on the last FTJ Tour
Check this link for photos from the last Tour

In 1993, Farewell to Juliet was introduced to the national scene via the Cornerstone Festival's New Band Showcase Stage. FTJ was one of the festival's very top picks for the year, and the band played to an enthusiatic crowd of overflow capacity. Farewell to Juliet then toured and performed in venues of all shapes and sizes. The band performed at colleges, rallies, benefit concerts for worthwhile causes such as Habitat for Humanity and Restoration Urban Ministries, theatre shows, youth camps, and lots and lots of night clubs. The band played dates with other national touring acts whenever possible.

A Few Words Regarding Echoes of Laughter

1993 brought the release of Farewell to Juliet's debut compact disc, and launched the independent Marathon Records label. The album, "Echoes of Laughter," charted well on various modern and college rock radio surveys, and travelled to over a dozen countries on three continents. Material from "Echoes," including the single Sorrow and Pride, is still occasionally featured on radio programs from North America to Norway and Australia.

The 51 minute, 23 second compact disc was recorded in Champaign, Illinois at Pogo Studio, with Jeff Elbel and Mark Rubel producing. Mark has worked with countless artists, including Mojo Nixon, Poster Children, and most recently, Hum (for RCA Records). Jonathan Pines of the celebrated Private Studios in Urbana, Illinois, mixed the release. Art direction for Echoes... was performed by Gregg Snyder, also of Champaign, Illinois, who won an international graphic design award for his effort.

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