Jeff Elbel: guitar, vocal


Ping: The Eleventh Hour Songbook (Marathon Records) (2004)
Ping: Loyal to You (Marathon Records) (2003)
Ping: "You Still Believe in Me"/Making God Smile (Silent Planet) (2002)
Ping: No Outlet (Marathon Records) (2001)
Ping: Live at the Crooked Bar (2000)
Ping: "We the Living"/We the Living, Vol. III (True Tunes) (2000)
Ping: "Hell Oh"/When Worlds Collide (Stunt Records) (2000)
Ping: "Miracle Rain"/RIM v.beta (Bigwig Enterprises) (1999)
Ping: "Miracle Rain" (instrumental)/Looper's Delight, Volume II (Bigwig Enterprises) (1999)
Ping/Aunt Bettys: "Popsicle Stick"/Ford Supersonic (Marathon/Ear Pistol Records) (1998)
Andrewesley: Strength (Marathon Records) (2004)
Andrewesley: All I Wanted to Say EP (Kastra Records) (2004)
Octane 99: demo EP (2004)
Aaron Sprinkle: The Boy Who Stopped the World (Silent Planet) (2003)
Phil Madeira: "It'll Do For Now"/Live from the Acoustic Stage (Silent Planet) (2002)
Farewell to Juliet: "Chase the Kangaroo"/To Cover You (Addeybug Records) (unreleased)
Farewell to Juliet: Grace and Dire Circumstances (Marathon Records) (1998)
Farewell to Juliet: "Sorrow and Pride"/Tastes Like Chicken (Mootown Records) (1994)
Farewell to Juliet: Echoes of Laughter (Marathon Records) (1993)
Sunny Day Roses: "Pop"/Courting Courtney (film soundtrack) (1998)
Sunny Day Roses: Bloomshine! (Marathon Records) (1996)
EDL: Moment of Clarity (KMG Records) (1999)
LSU: Dogfish Jones (Platinum Entertainment) (1998)
Blackball: Hope (Metro One Records) (1997)
Blackball: "Message in a Bottle"/The Mother of All Tribute Albums (HM Records) (1998)
Hopescope: Bring in the Sun (Marathon Records) (2003)
D.A.S.: Saving Grace (Galaxy21) (2003)
D.A.S.: Jesus Wants You to Buy this Record (independent) (2002)
D.A.S.: "Christmas"/A Live Tribute Recording for Gene Eugene (Floodgate Records) (2000)

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