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Marathon Records
Not Lame Recordings

* Pogo Studio: Champaign, IL studio run by Jeff's recording guru, Mark Rubel.
* Andy's Angels Records: Theo Obrastoff runs this label to benefit research to cure cystic fibrosis.
* The Big Takeover: Web presence of the world's greatest printed music magazine.
* Tape Op: An amazing resource for DIY recordists. Third class mail subscriptions are free!
* Mutts: Jeff's favorite comic strip, created by Patrick McDonnell. Influenced by Geo. Herriman's Krazy Kat.
* The Talking Stick: Coffee bar and acoustic venue in Santa Monica. Great atmosphere for fans of literate pop.
* Fingerprints: Superb independent record shop in Long Beach, CA. Hosts eclectic (and FREE) live concerts in-store.
* Paste Music sells Ping CDs and tons of other rootsy pop faves.
* Hofner Heaven: Rev Hillstrom mixed and mastered our new CD. He's a Hofner dealer, too. Buy me a Beatle bass!
* Digital Spatula: Ping collaborator Steve Taylor's video production workshop
* IQ Test: Rate your brain the Danish way! Best excuse for a low score wins a Ping prize.
* Church Sign: Hours of fun! Create JPEGs of your own ludicrous church sign messages.
* Guitar Chord Name Finder: Very helpful in naming odd chord shapes, for those of us lax in our music theory.
* Ah, L'Amour: Perhaps the finest film of all time. By Don Hertzfeldt.
* Phonespell: Learn what your phone number spells.
* Cat Fight: Scroll to the bottom of Green Choby's Links page for the Cat Fight video.
* Kitty Fan: "Turn off the fan!!"
* Monsters: For the love of all that's decent and furry, heed Chan Poling's words. But buy our albums first.
* Harsh: Don't watch if you can't accept Hollywood's ability to fake, or Ford Motor Co.'s capacity for bad taste.
* Yeti Sports #1
* Yeti Sports #2
* Andrew Wesley: Soul rock, straight from the heart.
* Bill Mallonee: Real-deal road dog, American poet, inspirational ex-frontman of Vigilantes of Love
* The Seventy-Sevens: Mike Roe, Mark Harmon, and Bruce Spencer bring forth the rock.
* Peter Gabriel: Lots of nice behind-the-scenes content.
* Phil Madeira: Jeff's favorite Nashville cat. Excellent songwriter, brilliant player (B3, dobro, etc.)
* Miranda Stone: Canadian bohemian/gypsy street-poet/songstress. Soulful & sharp; ace bandleader.
* Green Choby: Chicago's fabulous Mike Choby!
* The Hopescope: Modern pop guitar heroics for a new generation of moptops.