Comfort Me

slow Gospel with a Daniel Lanois vibe 

verse one: 

Holy Father won't you hear my plea 
Holy Spirit won't you fall on me 
Sweet Jesus in my hour of need 
the lonely Man of Sorrows 
the lovely Prince of Peace 
put Your hand upon my shoulder and comfort me 

verse two: 

In the morning when I call Your name 
In the evening when I do the same 
Each night when I kneel to pray 
Waiting for deliv'rance 
Waiting for relief 
Waiting for your presence to comfort me


listening for tiny whispers 
the tender words You say 
You fashioned me of dust and breath 
and You love the thing You made 

verse three:

When the shadow falls across my face 
When the hope has gone and left no trace 
When the mirror puts me in my place 
My faith can be so tiny 
It's nothing but a seed 
Won't You send the rain to water it and comfort me

solo [over bridge]

repeat verse one, con mucho gusto

Written by Jeff Elbel. All lyrics copyright (C) 2007 by Marathon Records. ASCAP.
Published by Zimbalon. All rights reserved. Used by permission.