Early Birds and Night Owls

verse one:

it takes no rocket scientist
to see we're not the same
you enjoy the summer sun
and i'll pray for the rain
but it's no cause for quarrel
we agree to disagree
('cause) when you take your coffee black
there's sugar for my tea

ealry birds and night owls
they gather every spring
shaking off the winter
gonna get their feathers clean
calling to each other
as they carry on their way
some bring song into the night
some will sing all day
verse two:

jenny gets too serious
and jimmy, he's a clown
but he can lift her spirits up
and she can calm him down
they seem like oil and water
but nonetheless they're found
sharing in that blessed thing
that makes the world go 'round
repeat Chorus
[singers: "we can get together" (repeat)]

[jeff: ad lib]

We do sincerely hope you'll all enjoy the show,
and please remember people,
that no matter who you are,
and what you do to live, thrive and survive,
there are still some things that make us all the same.
You, me them, everybody, everybody.
[Blues Brothers]
verse three:

here's to gentle nature
and a colorblinded view
plant it by the water
and the tree shall not be moved
find it all around the world
or in your neighborhood
find it in the spicy stuff
that makes the world taste good

repeat Chorus

Written by Jeff Elbel. All lyrics copyright (C) 2007 by Marathon Records. ASCAP.
Published by Zimbalon. All rights reserved. Used by permission.