I Forget


many days I cannot hold a thought within my head
it used to be occasional; the tendency has spread
my consciousness is spotless like a white and empty page
that awaits eraser shavings to be brushed back into place
I forgot to do the dishes, I forgot to bag the trash
I forgot to do my taxes, I forgot to save my cash
I forgot to set the clock alarm, I left the cat outside
I'd swear my thoughts have vanished in a pit both deep and wide
	[Chorus 1]

and though something was bothering me, I really can't complain
my mind is like a leaky boat I'm rowing in the rain
brilliant thoughts and theories are circling 'round the drain
I've forgotten all my troubles
I forget my blessings, too
but I remember you love me
and I remember I love you

thoughts enter and then leave my brain through greased revolving doors
it broke my mother's heart when I asked, "have we met before?"
I don't remember birthdays 'til at least a day too late
I've forgotten anniversaries and my wife won't tolerate it
so, pretty please don't count on me to recall what you say
when I can't tell you what I had for breakfast just today
I cannot find my way home after work without a map
my mind is like a hidden, steely, rusted-open trap
	[Chorus 2]

I don't remember figures and I don't remember facts
I can't remember which to cut, the red wire or the black
soon enough we're finding out - you might want to step back
amid the fragments raining down
I never had a clue
but I remember you love me
and I remember I love you

my ol' hound is begging, he wants his morning chow
I thought I fed him. Either way, he still wants to eat now
at the park I'm losing count of disapproving frowns
I get because I'm walking with the fattest dog in town

oh, please don't be offended in the future when we meet
but names vacate my memory with most alarming speed
I'll swear the taste is smoldering and burning through my tongue
And scramble to unlock it 'til the tardy bell has rung
I'll blank on who I've dialed when you're answering my call
if not for fleeting memory then I'd have none at all
but if you need a friend, you can rely on me for sure
remind me (maybe twice) and I'll be right there at your door
	[Chorus 3]

I'm shouting out "Eureka!" but it's gone within a flash
I'll stop and ask directions in a hundred meter dash
truly I'd forget my head if it were not attached
my mind is like a Swiss cheese
and the thoughts are falling through
but I remember you love me
and I remember I love you

I surely would have lost myself
if it were not for you
'cause I remember you love me
and I remember I love you

Written by Jeff Elbel. All lyrics copyright (C) 2007 by Marathon Records. ASCAP.
Published by Zimbalon. All rights reserved. Used by permission.