You Little Victim

A       C       D A     C    D  A    C     D  A   C D
Walking through a sunny day; it only rains on you
A    C D    A      C  D   E              E7
Everybody's gum is on the bottom of your shoe
A       c    D    A          C    D   A        C D A    C D
All the feathered friends in town are gathered overhead
    A         C    D      A       C   D    E             E7
You think you know what's coming, and it's better left unsaid

D                                A        C  G   A  C G
Hey, you little victim with your hands up in the air
D                                A       C     G   A     C G
Bagman got the drop on you, he's come to claim his share
D                                      A      C  G    A     C G
Lie within that chalk line, paint that target on your chest
F                          E7
Self-inflicted misery - is that what you do best
           A      C D A [4x]    pick-up: G5, G#5
You little victim

You're sure that God's abandoned you; you're sure He loves you least
Fallen from His favor like a common, filthy beast
In dreams you hung beside Him; man, He wasn't very nice
and He said, "Today, I'll kick your tail straight out of Paradise"

Hey, you little victim, throwing up your pleading hands
Walking under ladders, foiling all the best-laid plans
Tie that noose around your neck and jump into that lake
Following that millstone down - so, tell me where it takes you,
       A      C D A [4x]    pick-up: G5, F#5
Little victim

  E                                    F#m              D
Reprieves are always fleeting and hope glimmers just to fade
E                                 F#m             D
Life gave you the lemons, and you don't like lemonade
E                                B
Lie in peaceful meadows, where serenity surrounds
[c#] D                                   E
and  you'll still look up at the sky and scream "It's falling down!"


Any platform, any stage; so quick to sing those blues
and fond of wishing other folks a mile in your shoes
You think a little walk might earn a sympathetic tone
but everybody else is nursing blisters of their own

Hey, you little victim, throwing up your victim hands
Live your life believing that nobody understands
Cry for every burden, all the shame you've ever felt
When all the people 'round you know you do it to yourself
You little victim

Written by Jeff Elbel. All lyrics copyright (C) 2007 by Marathon Records. ASCAP.
Published by Zimbalon. All rights reserved. Used by permission.