No Outlet:
Liner Notes

Sometimes you need to be willing to break your own rules. I learned this while making No Outlet. I also learned that sticking to your guns can rescue you from myopia and allow you to actually finish what you began.

In September 2000, we were invited to play at a benefit concert for the Gene Eugene Memorial Fund. Ping had completed rhythm tracks for its Meet Your Maker concept album, but had nothing aside from compilation projects to bring to the show. Setting aside a long weekend, we attempted to record a stripped down, homemade, four song acoustic EP from scratch. We planned to bring the EP to the show and use it to raise support for Gene's fund.

When our percussionist couldn't make the sessions, we decided to offer the EP for pre-order at the show. When said percussionist had to withdraw from Ping activities entirely, we decided to forget the deadline and keep going. The EP became a ten song album, containing a five song snapshot of Meet Your Maker. If you're among the handful who pre-ordered, God's blessings and three grateful cheers to you!

We continued, adhering to our all acoustic, all hand percussion motif. Nearing completion, our first cheat was to allow an electric instrument in the form of Clint's fretless bass onto three tracks. It was then decided that the percussion approach wasn't doing the songs justice. Enter Sam West of Stavesacre. Hey, at least drums are acoustic.

No Outlet is still stripped down, homemade and almost completely acoustic. We still hope you dig it, and we still hope to raise useful support for Gene's family. Enjoy the Meet Your Maker preview, and your rare chance to hear me attempt lead vocals! Tim Brooks (formerly of Animator) will front the actual album. See you then, and thanks for listening!

- Jeff Elbel
May 2001

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