Going Postal

I love to send and receive post cards. especially interesting ones. Especially bizarre ones. Bizarre post cards are always welcome, even more so from countries outside the USA. Note - the operative word here is not ``obscene''; it's ``bizarre''. Just a klu [TM] for those of you who think the two are equivalent...

[Click me!] This post card, sent to me by barryb@ccsun.tuke.sk, just may be my all time favorite. It came from Czechoslovakia, and obviously details the pancreatic system. Those wacky, fun-loving ex-commies! I will just have to get to Brno some time.

[Click me!] Here's one of my favorites that I have sent. The recipient kindly loaned it back to me for scanning. I have scanned the front and back, and typed in the whole, sordid story (an RRU exclusive).

Last updated: 15 May 1997

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