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The Unorthodox Fundie?

On the net, I'm sometimes known as The Unorthodox Fundie. Doctrinally, I'm somewhat of a fundamentalist. (Though I'm pretty unorthodox for a fundie, I've recently found out I'm more Orthodox than I had realized.) While this means I view certain things that are currently Politically Correct as sinful, it in no way means that I want to shoot someone on sight just because of their behavior or lifestyle.

Jesus made a major difference in my life. Still does. I'd probably be dead, or at best have a prison record for a resume by now, otherwise. I'll happily discuss such things with anyone interested (naturally, my ``testimony'' [1] is rather bizarre), but don't want to shove anything down anyone's throat any more than I want someone else's view shoved down mine.

You need to know Him, but I recognize that you have the right to dispute that.

Why Would Anyone Be a Christian???

The only answer I have for that is why I would.

Debomination Labeling

I guess I'm sort of a Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Catholic, Presbyterian, Trinitarian, Saved by Grace, God is both Just and Merciful sort of guy.


Yup. I haven't yet found a box I really fit into. Nor have I found a box to fit God. There's just not enough material for that one. What it all boils down to is...

Rules, Rules, Rules...

Some people think Christianity is a bunch of rules. It isn't. It's a relationship.

There are some rules. Real freedom generally includes boundaries. "You're free to roam anywhere inside the fence. Outside the fence there are wild animals that will kill you." The boundaries are there to protect, not limit. And in fact, the area inside the boundaries is much, much bigger than the area outside the boundaries. For instance, in the Garden of Eden, the fence was around one tree.

The point is not ``you have to give up all this stuff''. The point is that Someone loves you. Someone who is the daddy and mommy you always wished your parents were. Someone who is the perfect lover / friend / companion / brother / sister you always wanted, but never quite had. Someone who loves you just as you are. Unconditionally. Not ``when you get your act together'', or ``when you change'', or ``when you quit doing this and that''. Yeah, the boundaries remain. And after you discover why they are there, you won't want to cross them any more. God doesn't force you to do things at gun point (zap point, whatever). God shows you reality, explains your options and the consequences, and you make the choices.

Whoa! of a Different Color

Some pretty amazing, way cool stuff happened at our summer Youth Camps:

Or read about when the Toronto Thang came to Austin.

And Now for Something completely Different

rmc (say what?)

Because I'm a Christian who happens to love music, I maintain the general FAQ for the Usenet News group (which I also read and participate in when I have time), and its web pages.


[1] from the greek "testa" meaning origins, and the Romanesque "antimony" (a metal), which combine to mean, "the roots of heavy metal". Yes, I remember when early Black Sabbath was as heavy as it got.

[2] But the next line IS, "We nailed Jesus to a tree."

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