Haircut Auction


The high bid for the right to determine my next haircut was


(with $20 thrown in for a copy of the video)

Mark Shore, a youth pastor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was the winner. For this price, I have to send him the ponytail. I never met the guy before; he found the page while surfing, and decided to help out in a good cause. Thanks, Mark!

So what was the cut?

Miles went from
this --> [???] <-- to this.

What this was all about
Do you want to decide what Miles's hair looks like for the next while?

I'm auctioning my next haircut for a worthy cause. High bid gets to decide the haircut I get in mid-July. Feel free to band together to out-bid others.

This is the chance of a lifetime, and I'm dead serious about it.

The only real limitation is that it must be something I can wear at work. Obviously this isn't too much of a restriction, given my current hair (shoulder length), but I suspect that a purple, spiked mohawk is out of the question - at least on days I have to see customers.

There are also limitations on what I'll allow to have shaved into my hair - nothing crude, and school logos and the like will carry a huge, non-negotiable premium.

No Farrah Fawcett, Dolly Parton, etc, hairdos.

But otherwise, anything goes. Jar-head? Curls? Bowl cut? ET? [1] Dave Barry? Gloria Glasshead? Dreadlocks? Televangelist? Ceasar? Tom Cruise? Standard monk? Metallica? Barney Fife? Ken Neff? [2] Use your imagination, and make a bid today!

Feel free to form coalitions.

I reserve the right to beat the high bid. Of course, if the bid's high enough, you won't have to worry!

I'll even pay for the haircut - within reason (say, ~$20.00). Unless the high bid goes well over that, 100% of the money will go to a fund to help send some kids (not mine!) to a summer camp.

Feel free to pass this along, but I'll only accept bids from people I know, or from someone whose bid will be guaranteed by someone I know. Payment required at time of cut.

  1. Pick your favorite type of ET. 8^)
  2. OK, so this one might take a while... [3]
  3. For those who don't know, Ken has hair down to his waist, and always wears it in a single braid down his back.

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