Thanks to Marie Angell for this heads up:

For those of you have been caught up in this summer's pop music craze ("Mmmbop"), just thought I'd let you know that the 3 brothers who form the group Hanson are homeschooled.

According to the September issue of US:

``The fact that all of the Hanson kids are home schooled has made the family even closer. `Our mom wanted to home school us because she wanted to have a better relationship with us,' says Zac. In Tulsa, he says, home schooling is a `big thing,' and he and his brothers can't understand why people everyuwhere else seem to think it's strange. `Let's see,' says Isaac, an edge of sarcasm in his voice as he enumerates the various deprivations he has suffered. `I missed out on getting dumped by about 10 million girls. Getting beat up by bullies. Peer pressure.' Without home schooling, he adds, he and his brothers would have missed out on the opportunity to, well, become Hanson.''

Last updated: 16 Aug 1997

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