Miles Shoots Up

Not really. That's kinda stupid, unless that's where the target is.

Currently I own the following implements of destruction:

I picked the SKS over the AK-47 mostly because it came with the sling mounts on the side instead of on the bottom. I since found out that clips for the SKS cost 2-3 times what they do for the AK because of how they mount. Live and learn...

I want a Glock 18, but due to the various laws enacted & enforced by the illustrious USA Treasury Department's BFAT (sic), I will have to settle for a Glock 19 or 17. Some day.

I'm also interested in a good deal on an accurate rifle in something like .308 with a good scope. A Vietnam-era sniper USMC sniper rifle would be perfect.

Last updated: 22 April 2006

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