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After taking the moving challenge, I got to thinking about other categorizable aspects of life. In the middle of that, I got run over by John Steczkowski's turbo-charged web pages, and inspiration struck like a chrome truck bumper. I never really recovered, and have no idea what the inspiration was, so I did this instead.

Yeesh. This started out as just recording interesting memories. There's some stuff in here that I'm obviously not real proud of. Maybe you can avoid some stupid things I've done!

Transportation Methods I Have Known

This is for methods I've known rather intimately (hush). I don't include the odd boat ride, the many plane flights, the tours of WW II battleships and subs, and so forth. I will probably add the helicopter rides at some point, because they are just SO STEENKIN COOL.

This page will be growing over time, but it's not under construction any more than you are. It's just growing. Look it up in a dictionary.

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  • Transportation Methods I Have Known

    As I See Them

    I thought about dividing these up strictly by fun factor, but that's difficult, because I can enjoy any mode of transportation. I especially enjoy driving (except in traffic, unless everyone knows what they are doing, and the road isn't near capacity). I have been known to take a VolksWagen van around a corner on two wheels - probably cutting years off my passengers' lives (based on their expressions).

    So fun factor enters in, but realize that I can have fun with the most boring vehicle known to humankind (the Dodge Aries?), so long as the passengers can't reach my throat or the car's controls.

    One of my best friends in high school, Martin O'Rourke, hit the hemi on the head with his observation,

    "I've finally figured out what's wrong with your driving. You drive everything like it's a motorcycle."
    Well, yeah, but what's wrong with my driving?

    (My actual reply was "So?", followed by revving the Impala's engine and dropping it into Drive, squealing up to the downtown Augusta speed limit of 30, which I maintained. Martin tried to crawl under the floor mat, because one of Augusta's finest had just pulled alongside us. He ignored me, much to our mutual relief.)

    The REALLY Fun Ones
    Two Wheeled, White-Knuckled Terror
    Some Fairly Fun Ones
    Even Boxes Can be Fun
    Some More Fun Ones
    Two Wheeled, Pink-Knuckled Terrorist
    Basic Transportation
    Two Wheeled, Tan-Knuckled Sowhatster
    Basic Transportation II
    Where Boxes Get Their Name

    Transportation Methods I Have Known

    As They Came and Went

    If you are really bored or desperate, here they are in semi-mostly chronological order.
      Those known by oral tradition, photos, etc.
    1. 1956 Ford or Chevy coupe of some sort
    2. pre-1960 Ford Fairlane
    3. 1960 Ford station wagon
      Remembered, but not really mine
    4. 1964 Ford station wagon
    5. 195x Renault semi-doodlebug-thingie
    6. 1965 Plymouth Valiant
    7. 1969 Chevy Impala
      Mine, all mine!
    8. Various tricycles, roller skates, a scooter, and a Radio Flyer wagon
    9. A 16" used red bicycle with a skull & crossbones sticker on it.
    10. An honest-to-goodness 20" red Scwhinn
    11. A 26" red Schwinn with front and rear baskets.
    12. A 27" racing Schwinn Continental with all sorts of trick components
    13. 1971 Yamaha GT6SB/GT7S 80cc, two-stroke ``enduro'' bike.
    14. A 26" J. C. Penney's 10 speed.
    15. 1966 yellow Ford Econoline work van
      Ours, all ours!
    16. 1966 white Ford Econoline work van
    17. 1978 tan Chevy Chevette
    18. 1978 black Yamaha XS650E vertical twin
    19. 1979 black Ford Mustang (wannabe)
    20. 1978 VW passenger van
    21. 1983 red & white Honda VF750F Interceptor V4
    22. 1988 ``sand beige'' Ford Tempo
    23. British Racing Green Bridgestone 400 10 speed
    24. 1995 really, really red Ford Windstar
    25. 2001 "sand beige" Protege (who thinks up these color names?)
    26. 2003 dark green Protege
    27. 2001 silver Mazda MX5 Miata
      Just on loan
    28. 1974 red, red, red GTO with hand-built 400
    29. 1973 white Kawasaki 350 triple, two-stroke

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