Eek 1.5.1

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eek 1.5.1 is a turbo-charged robots chase game with all sorts of extra goodies. Conceptually it's related to the old, UNIX, robots game, but much cooler.

eek comes complete with a history to explain how you got where you are, explanations of the various opponents and movements, in-play help, and a few hints on strategy and tactics. Various elements were thrown in from all over the place. The sounds of dying were inspired by the visual sound effects of the 1960s ``Batman'' TV series. Other things came from my love of science fiction. The history was written right after our first child was born; most people who have been through natural childbirth will recognize the species involved (as will most anyone who's ever worked in a doctor's office).

[menu screen shot] You can start out with a menu or jump immediately into playing the game via a command line option (yes, there's a man page included). The menus let you look at any of the ``extras'' such as the history or various helps, as well as get into the game.

[small screen shot] You can play eek on a terminal window of almost any size. There is a minimum, but it's smaller than a standard terminal screen, and you can go about as large as your screen is likely to handle. The complexity of the game isn't very different between the sizes, but it can get pretty hairy when the larger screens get crowded. Naturally, each level gets hairier.

[score screen shot] The score window shows the top 15 scores - sort of. It actually shows the top 14 plus your current score. The scores are a pretty good indicator of how well you've done, but over time the real trick is how many levels you have gotten through. The scores also indicate how each player died on each level shown.


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libRRU shar file (required) 65K

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