Vines 2.0

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vines 2.0 draws vines on your SunView or X11 screen. The vines (you know, those wandering stems with leaves on them) can be a border to your screen, or a tangled mess all over the place, as you prefer. They can be realistic or surreal (try technicolor). You can vary the leaf size, growth rate, density, even provide custom leaves, stems and color palettes.

Vines 2.0 is a port, upgrade, and moderate munge of Dan Heller's vine program for SunView (1985) and X11 (1990).

Select any of the images below to see a 1024x768 screenshot. Note that these are not tiny files and may take a while to load.

By default, vines are black and white, and grow around your screen's edges. There's an option to make them grow along the bottom as well, completely framing your screen.
The vines also come in spring and summer colors...
...and in fall colors (but no posion ivy!)
The vine can grow from the center, indefinitely, until you interrupt it. This is a good one to set the growth rate on, if you have a slow box, or especially if you are displaying on a different system than vines is running on. Vines can easily tie up a 10MB ethernet between two fast systems. This one is in technicolor mode.
Multiple vines can grow from the top until they hit a screen edge. These vines were grown using one of the sample custom palettes provided.


  1. The SunView version is untested. Dan's version worked great, but I don't have a SunView system available. In fact, I'm not sure I even know anyone using one, anymore. Kinda sad, actually...
  2. The X11 version doesn't fork, due to some problems. Eventually I hope to have time to look at it, but it's an ancient bug.
  3. Vines 2.0 has been compiled and run under Linux 1.2.x and 2.0.34, AIX 4.2 and Solaris 2.5 . P Newberry says it compiles and runs fine under Digital Unix 4d. Steven Grady says it works great under FreeBSD 2.2.7. Francisco Roque says it works great on OpenBSD 2.5 on a PII-350, using X11 and fvwm2. Please let me know of your experiences with other flavors of UNIX[TM] and other systems.


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Last updated: 17 August 1999

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