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swish file indexing / search program
version 1.2.1
Based on EIT's swish, this is a cleaner-compiling version with better docs. Use with w4ais as a web-based front end.

gzip'd version 154K compress'd version 263K

w4ais index CGI gateway
version 3.1
Based on EIT's wwwwais, this is a much enhanced, more configurable, HTML-based interface to the swish, waisq or waissearch indexing and search engines.

gzip'd version 52K compress'd version 81K

web-errors HTTPD custom error response package
version 2.8

This package is an expanded, easily customizable version of Brandon Long's (NCSA) error script for the NCSA httpd.

gzip'd version 15K compress'd version 22K

Last updated: 13 August 2017
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