xlogout man page


xlogout - button to exit X server




xlogout displays a simple button with either a text string or a bitmap in it. The default string is ``Quit X''. xlogout is intended to be the last command in your client.

When you select the button (by default with double clicking the left mouse button, or holding down the Control key and pressing the left mouse button), xlogout exits, and your X server exits.

Be sure you do not put xlogout into the background, or it will not do anything useful.


xlogout uses the usual Athena CommandWidget resources and is of class Logout. The default resources are:
Logout*Quit*Background:   Red
Logout*Quit*Font:         -*-helvetica-bold-o-normal--*-180-*-*-*-*-*-*
!Logout*Quit*Label:       Quit X
Logout*Quit*Cursor:       hand2
Logout*Quit*pointerColor: White
Logout*Quit*bitmap:       /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/xlogout.xbm
Logout*Quit*Translations: Ctrl Shift <Btn1Down>:set()\n\
                          Ctrl Shift <Btn1Up>:notify() unset()\n\
                          <Btn1Down>(2+):set() notify() unset()\n\
                          <Key>Q:set() notify() unset()\n\
                          Ctrl<Key>c:set() notify() unset()\n\
Using these resources, the user will see a red background with either a white mushroom cloud (as provided) or the words ``Quit X'' in white letters (if the Label resource is uncommented).


This is the Command widget used at the xlogout button. All the standard Command resources apply, but the following, in particular, affect perceived behavior.

Resource nameUsage
LabelIf specified, text will appear in xlogout
bitmapIf specified, the designated bitmap file will be used as the image displayed by xlogout
TranslationsThe built-in defaults are simplistic.


If the Logout resource file has been installed, performing any of the following user actions while xlogout has the focus should cause xlogout to exit:


Copyright 1993,1998 by Roadkills-R-Us. Used with permission.


Miles O'Neal <meo@rru.com>