Y2K Compliance

This software, documentation or other product is guaranteed to be Year 2000 compliant; it will be unaffected by any and all "Y2K" issues [1], "Millenium Bugs", or "Year 2000 Viruses". Additionally, it is not affected by the GOOD TIMES email virus, the Craig Shergold Rumors Virus, or the BATF raids on Waco.

No warranty is implied or expressed. The user assumes all risks associated with using this product. If this product causes problems on your computer system or network, causes hair loss, or otherwise wreaks havoc with your life, think of it as a feature: the ``never a dull moment'' feature. If product fails to perform as a direct result of the Year 2000 rollover, ship the product in its original container back to wherever you uploaded it from, and we'll give it a decent burial.

[1] Other than the residual effects all software will show if the doomsayers are right, and all of modern civilization comes crashing down around our heads...

Last updated: 21 November 1998

Copyright 1998 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved. [This copyright is Y2K compliant.]

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