How can you help Emma and Tiffany?

  1. Add a link to this site.
  2. Make a donation to The Emma and Tiffany Fund.
  3. Sponsor this site.

  1. Add a link:
  2. If you are a webmaster, please help promote the need for these children by adding a link from your site to

    If you add a link from your site, please let us know so we can thank you.

  3. Make a donation:
  4. A fund with The Church of Glad Tidings has been established to distribute any funds donated from the web to each of these children. Each donation is 100% tax-deducatable, and ALL of the funds raised will go to the children. To make a donation, make your check payable to "The Church of Glad Tidings" and send it to:

    The Emma Duke and Tiffany Hall Fund
    c/o The Church of Glad Tidings
    2700 Northland
    Austin, Texas 78757

  5. Sponsor this site:
  6. If you would like to sponsor this site, please send your donation to the above address with a letter requesting a link to your URL.
For more information, please send email to Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

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Children fighting cancer: Emma and Tiffany. Fight absurd regulations that could shut down the net.
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