Please help Emma and Tiffany

This young girl is in desperate need of your help. We are asking that you open your hearts and help this precious girl and her family.

3 year old Emma Duke was diagnosed with stage IV disseminated neuroblastoma - a cancer normally made up of cells that come from the tissues of life in the womb - in November, 1995. Symptoms of this disorder include frequent high fevers, weight loss and extreme body pain. Doctors have proposed a bone marrow transplant. She was evaluated and accepted as a candidate for transplant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Emma has received 8 cycles of chemotherapy and the high dose body radiation needed before the transplant. With a bone marrow transplant, Emma will have a second chance at life.

8 year old Tiffany Hall, began acting very sick during the spring of '96 - massive headaches, vomiting, sleeping 21 - 23 hours a day (this is your basic, high-energy 8-year old, normally). The doctor, of course, said it was just a sinus infection. They finally got a doctor to do some real tests, which got someone's attention so that they did a brain scan. The brain scan found a lemon-sized tumor on the brain stem.

Almost exactly a year after they found the tumor, Tiffany died. Please continue to pray for her family. The Halls are very grateful for all the prayers and asistance they received.

Emma needs your help to provide life or death medical care. Even with insurance, the cost of cancer is more than any family can afford. An account has been setup with The Church of Glad Tidings to receive your 100% tax-deductable donations to help with Emma's family's bills to help care for her.

How can you help?

For more information, please send email to charity@netads.com Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

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Children fighting cancer: Emma and Tiffany. Fight absurd regulations that could shut down the net.
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