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Personal Rates

Personal Web Pages Service

We provide 3 types of personal pages and service: basic, standard, and custom.

Basic Service

We'll serve up to 10 pages which you provide, of less than 1MB total, for $10/month. You can pay quarterly, every six months, or yearly, in advance. If you need us to convert your material to web format, we charge a flat rate of $60/hour, based on actual time billed. 10 average pages can usually be converted in less than an hour. All work is up to the same exceptional standards as our commercial pages; we just don't sic the highest powered designers on them.

Standard Service

We'll serve up to 50 pages of less than 5MB for $25/month. Payment, conversion and work standards are as above.

Custom Service

Our megacool, custom service lets you have the most awesome web pages around! The rates are basically the same as our commercial rates (and ours are among the best you can buy at any price, never mind our very reasonable prices). Heavy or complex work loads may be outsourced to Pencom Web Works . Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

Worthy causes!

Children fighting cancer: Emma and Tiffany. Fight absurd regulations that could shut down the net.
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