Louden Up!

(Guitar Amps I Have Known)

These are amps I own or have owned or otherwise have personal experience with. Facts are facts. Opinions are mine. Your mileage may vary.

I generally prefer tube amps, but there was one all solid state amp I really liked - the Lab L5 (coming soon). Right now, most of what's here is bare facts, since those are not always readily available on the web. Over time I will try to add more impressions, experiences, etc.

Since I've never felt I was good enough to justify huge expenditures on gear, you won't find any Marshalls or old Fenders here, at least any time soon. On the other hand, there's plenty of information out on the better known amps already. But some of the lesser known amps are great, too.

I'll add info on each of these over time.

Guitar Amps I'd Like to Have Known

I've put together a comparison of Gibson amplifiers to Fender amplifiers.

Create Your Own Guitar Amp!

Random Noise

And, just to keep things lively, I look at the perpetual questions, ``Which is better? Tubes or transistors?'' and ``Should I go for digital or analog?''

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