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The GIMP is a freely available image manipulation program duplicating much of the functionality of PhotoShop[tm]. For now it's available on UNIX-like platforms with X, but ports to other platforms are certainly possible.

At the moment there are two GIMP FAQs. This number will change as necessary.

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Developer FAQ User FAQ
I wrote a plug-in - randomize - which fits (more or less) into the noise group. I extracted out some of the GUI convenience routines in to a separate library, the gpc. The GUI'd blur code is now in the blur plug-in.

gpc docs gpc source
randomize docs randomize source
blur docs (not separated yet) blur source
annotated plug-in sample source
GIMP: The RRU Turorial

A note about the images

I'm not a graphics artist, nor do I play one on The Net. The images in the FAQ web pages are variations on the Schober O'Neal logo, created with a few, simple GIMP operations. All of them play on black hole or warped dimensional themes.

Last updated: 26 October 2002

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