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Web Page Service

Net Ads will handle all web service issues for you, from basic page service to virtual domains on our servers. We will serve your pages, handle domain issues, provide statistics, and advertise your web pages. We do handle small web page design and implementation jobs, but if you need major web page design and implementation, we suggest you contact Pencom Web Works.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

We handle all DNS issues, from registering for you, to updates, to billing. Our rates are reasonable and simple.
Fee Type Initial Annual Service Class
NIC Registration $100 $50 (after 2 years) all
Net Ads Registration and Upkeep $25 None up to 10 names, up to 5 changes annually
$50 $25 up to 25 names, up to 10 changes annually
$100 $50 full Class C, up to 50 changes annually
Call for details anything more

Mailing List Service

We run a number of majordomo mailing lists. Mailing lists are priced based on predicetd volume, but typical small, low volume lists start at $10 per year, with a $10 set up fee. Contact us to discuss setting up a mailing list. Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign

Worthy causes!

Children fighting cancer: Emma and Tiffany. Fight absurd regulations that could shut down the net.
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