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Pardon Our Dust

Or don't. We still don't care - it's El Paso dust (home, sweet home!) and we are quite happy with it. In fact, this page isn't really under construction or anything, we just miss El Paso. Even the dust.

What's Here

More stuff will be available as I have time write and/or to html-ize. Or as people whose style I like contribute.

Places/Things/People At A Glance

  • the USA
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  • California
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  • San Jose
  • Georgia
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  • Utica
  • Ohio
  • Cleveland
  • Texas
  • The United Kingdom

  • Muddying the I18N Waters

    Reviews are available of:
  • France
  • Southern California : 1st Impressions
  • California as a [w]hole
  • Reviews are not yet available of:
  • The United Kingdom
  • A Plethora of other places

  • Last updated: 16 July 1997
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