(Low, breathless, well-modulated narrator's voice)
We had the Teflon President (Raygun Ronnie). We had the CIA President (George Herbert Walker Andrew Bodacious Bush. And now we have...

Politically Correct Man!

A liberal on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a moderate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and on Sunday, a born-again, dead-again, Catholic, Protestant, vegetarian, Buddhist who flies about with the aid of pyramid-shaped crystals and nuclear-powered broccoli, directed by signals straight from the Dog Planet. Raised in a poverty-ridden black neighborhood of Los Angeles by Native American, feminist, Amazon parents, Politically Correct Man accidentally made money later in life when he accidentally became the governor of Arkansas. Now president of the United States of America, Politically Correct Man has devoted his life to helping the poor, the downtrodden, the homeless, the helpless, and the shiftless, no matter the cost to the taxpayer. Accompanied by his side kick, Gore Man, he battles the forces of evil and good with equal aplomb.

The Radio Series

(Being Added as Time Permits)
  1. Origins of the Species
  2. The Great Rock Music Massacree
  3. The Mexico-Mars Scandal
  4. A Day in the Life
  5. PC Man Stops the Indian Wars <--NEW!

To Be Continued...

A few notes on how this came about

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